Cosplay events: Clashing dates and choices… choices….

Reading a certain post done by Julius from NKDS made me ponder about something as well.

“Why do people go to cosplay events?”

This situation arised from the fact that a new event, Mascot Parade, clashed with long-timer Cosfest in terms of event dates. 3rd of July, to be exact.

Firstly, as a bystander and random “otaku” #2342734, I have utterly no say in the cosplay scene, since I no longer cosplay anyway. Hence if anybody wishes to take offence into the words I speak of below, do note that the choice of being influenced is purely, yours and yours alone.


People go to cosplay events for all sorts of reasons. Namely:
- as a cosplayer to cosplay (duhhhh)
- support your friends
- for fame,glory or money as a cosplayer by joining competitions
- enjoy the event line-up
- Take pictures of cosplayers
- Having photoshoots nearby the event
- Oogle at scantily-clad female cosplayers (I know all you horny NSFs)

It could be a combination of 2-3 of the points above, or even all of it. No matter what it is, nobody can exactly control you from going or not going.

I believe in taking a neutral stance on most incidents, yet pointing out the good and bad points of anything in particular. Therefore, allow me to list them out for each event:

Mascot Parade: 1 day event
Upcoming new event is backed by the Youth Council, strong cash prizes, and really good final prize (trip to Japan)..
Guests Alodia and Ashley, who were at AFA09 as finalists in the Regional Cosplay Championship, will be there as guests, MMK maids from last year’s AFA09 will also be there, a Bushiroad Tourney + seiyuu appearance, live band performances etc. Pretty solid line up for a cosplay event.

Cosfest 2010 : 2 Day event
Programme (taken directly from a post in sgcafe)
World Cosplay Summit Singapore Finals
Anime Games World Music Competition
Asia Cosplay Meet Championships
Anime Karaoke Competition
Team Cosplay Competition
Doujinshi Booths
Graffiti Wall

Personally, to be honest, since I’m no longer a cosplayer nor do I find the need to go to an event to look only at cosplayers and pretty much doing nothing else there, I’d find Mascot Parade more interesting.

Not to mention, I’ve been at Cosfest for many years in the past, and there’s not much difference over the years. Furthermore, the emcee didn’t really improve much. The program line-up is exactly the same as last few years’, with the exception of the Anime Games World Music Competition, which I have utterly no interest for. Not to mention I dislike the sound equipment at Cosfest.

I’ve read some comments and displeasure about the clash in dates and other arguements floating around. Let’s dissect the details and compare them, shall we?

Why the clash in date?? Are they doing it on purpose?
To clarify, there is no conspiracy going on. Mascot Parade’s date was set to commemorate Youth month(July), and the 3rd of July being the first weekend of July, it was selected way before. It is just unfortunate, plain and simple. This event has been planned for since last year and has been announced some time ago but only the information regarding the costume competition has been recently announced.
The above was quoted word-for-word from a post on sgcafe made by the organiser.

Thoughts: I believe that the organisers seriously didn’t have a say in that particular date, since it’s the Youth Council planned for it. We all know how Singapore works, so let’s keep it at that.

Cosplaying isn’t all about prizes; people cosplay to have fun. So why all those cash prizes?
Sure, cosplaying is all about fun and a person’s passion to portray their characters, but when it comes to competitions, people -do- want some form of reward or another to entice them enough to be willing to join, be it a World Cosplay Summit title, vouchers, or a cash prize. Granted, long time cosplayers join competitions for the sake of ’sportsmanship’, or maybe to some idividuals, to boost their ego. Whichever it is, the prizes are an essential part of a competition. Would you join a competition without any monetary awards or items that is actually worth something or make you feel the effort spent on stage, worthwhile?

I’ve already planned to cosplay at Cosfest for so long, and now suddenly got another cosplay event and change my plans for you?
While I have yet to see actual words going from this, but this is probably the reaction some cosplayers might portray upon knowing about the event’s date.

Now, cosfest has yet to reveal which day will they hold the WCS competition, hence to avoid any disappointment in cheering on their friends, cosplayers would simply go there for both days. Better to be safe than sorry, no? Not to mention veteran cosplayers tend to organise chalets during the cosfest period.

There’s nothing much to change; it all depends on your priority: going to meet other cosplay friends who are more familiar and have a preference for familiarity (aka cosfest) or going to enjoy yourself more via other programs (aka mascot parade). Cosplayers would be more inclined to going to Cosfest because 1) it’s troublesome to ask their 200-300 cosplay friends which event would they rather go; 2) cosplayers may want to keep their participation to Cosfest’s WCS thing a secret until that day; 3) They live in the east mostly. Cosplayers not interested/involved in WCS could have an option of going to both events and compare for themselves, as missing 1 out of 2 days of Cosfest won’t exactly spoil your time meeting your friends, since most veteran cosplayers would go for both days anyway.

In short, if you’re a veteran cosplayer with a fair amount of involvement with Cosfest, you’re more inclined to go to Cosfest. However, if you’re sick of Cosfest/live in the west/new to the cosplay scene/member of the public interested in cosplay/anime culture, chances are you’ll be more inclined to go to Mascot Parade. Me? Well, I’m no longer a cosplayer, hence no prizes as to which event I’ll likely be going for.